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Tellurium compounds

Author : Date : 2016/5/30 15:08:53
Tellurium was discovered by Franz-Joseph in 1782. It is normally extracted as a by-product of copper and lead production. When added to stainless steel and copper it makes these metals more machinable.  The tellurium is a key constituent of high performing mixed oxide catalysts for the heterogeneous catalytic selective oxidation of propane to acrylic acid.
We provide below Tellurium compounds:
Tellurium(IV) oxide  Cas No. 7446-07-3
Tellurium trioxide  Cas No. 13451-18-8
Telluric acid  Cas No. 7803-68-1
Sodium tellurite  Cas No. 10102-20-2
Bismuth(III) telluride  Cas No. 1304-82-1