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Selenium compounds

Author : Date : 2016/5/20 11:34:34
Selenium was discovered in 1817 by Jons Jakob Berzelius and Johan Gottlieb Gahn. Selenium is an ingredient in many multivitamins and other dietary supplements. Se compounds confer a red color to glass. Small amounts of organoselenium compounds are used to modify the vulcanization catalysts used in the production of rubber.
We provide below Selenium compounds:
Potassium selenocyanate  Cas No. 3425-46-5
Phenyl Selenocyanate  Cas No. 2179-79-5
Benzyl Selenocyanate  Cas No. 4671-93-6
L-Selenomethionine  Cas No. 3211-76-5
Se-Methyl-L-selenocysteine  Cas No. 26046-90-2