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Arsenic compounds

Author : Date : 2016/4/21 10:39:37
Arsenic occurs in many minerals, usually in conjunction with sulfur and metals. Arsenic compounds are used in the production of pesticides, treated wood products, herbicides, and insecticides. For example, Roxarsone is used as a feed additive to increase weight gain, improve feed efficiency, and to prevent disease.
We provide below Arsenic compounds:
Arsenic acid  Cas No. 7778-39-4
Arsenic pentaoxide  Cas No. 1303-28-2
Sodium arsenite  Cas No. 7784-46-5
Disodium arsenate  Cas No. 7778-43-0
Sodium dimethylarsinate  Cas No. 124-65-2
Monosodium arsenate  Cas No. 10103-60-3
Ammonium dihydrogen arsenate  Cas No. 13462-93-6
Potassium dihydrogen arsenate  Cas No. 7784-41-0
Zinc arsenide  Cas No. 12006-40-5
Silver arsenate  Cas No. 13510-44-6
p-Arsanilic acid  Cas No. 98-50-0
Roxarsone  Cas No. 121-19-7