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Product name : Sodium orthophenyl phenol (SOPP)
Item : LS40587
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Catalog No.  LS40587
Cas No. 132-27-4
Product Name: 2-hydroxybiphenyl sodium salt tetrahydrate(SOPP)
Sodium orthophenyl phenol
Natrijum ortofenil fenol
o-Phenyl phenol sodium salt
Molecular Formula: C12H17NaO5
Formula Weight: 264.25
Off-white powder
Purity: 95% min
Used in post harvest treatment to control fungal and bacterial growth on fruits and vegetables(citrus,tomato and etc.)
SOPP treatment options
1).  0.15% SOPP @ 47 ℃ max.
Maintain pH between 10.7 and 11.0 by addition of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda).
This treatment is favoured when heating is used to detect insect stings.
2).  0.5% SOPP @ 32 ℃ to 40.5 ℃
Maintain pH between 11.7 and 12.0 by addition of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda).
3).  1.5% SOPP @ 32 ℃ or less
Maintain pH between 11.7 and 12.0 by addition of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda).
Precautions when using SOPP
1). Immersion time should not exceed 3 minutes
2). Fruit picked early in the morning or turgid fruit should be wilted 12-24 hours before immersion in SOPP. 
3). Concentration of SOPP at different temperatures should be determined accurately.
4). Control of pH is very important; too low pH can lead to serious burning of fruit. Too higher temperature, coupled with high concentrations, will burn fruit.
5). Fruit should be rinsed with fresh water after immersion in SOPP.